Saturday, August 15, 2009

When a Blogger dies...

As you probably notice I update my blog regularly - twice a year or so, like maddox ;)
But what will happen when I die ? how could you know about it ?

If there is a blog you visit regularly and then it doesn't get updates anymore ... month, two, year has passed and nothing happens... do you ever wonder what has happened to this blogger ?
If he dies he can't just update his blog 10 minutes before his death saying - "I'm dying - don't wait for me" , then it keeps you wondering what the hell is going on there ? is he busy ? full of work ? what possibly could be more important then updating his blog ? ...death perhaps.

So, as I'm not dead yet I'll update you briefly on what happened to me till the last update...

After finishing my MCSE (Microsoft System Engineer) which frankly is bullshit because every kid with a good memory could pass it without understanding anything, I've started a brief job for about 3 months ...then I got fired because Microsoft office 97 and Windows 2000 didn't want to move to a domain without overwriting all the emails (about 1GB) - Microsoft BUG.

After I was fired which was a very happy day for some reason I went to study Linux - LPI .
When I've finished studying LPI and did the first 3/4 exams and got my LPIC1 cert I've found another job which I still hold to this day - as a Linux/Windows sysadmin - a combo of my two certs !

I'm still involved in the Linux gaming community and I even bought several Linux games this year - some games I bought only to support the developers because they weren't to my taste.
A month ago I've started to develop a game - it's only a draft now and I have a no idea if it ever gets done - I might update you later ;)