Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Living on Love - The Messenger

My mom read a book in Russian called "Living on Love" and that cough my attention, the next day I've downloaded legally the full book in English (I read better and faster in English) and it is interesting.
In 4 days I've finished reading the book and it has some amazing things.

First it tells you how to win money on lotteries just that you continue reading and come to the really good stuff.
Then is tells you how to always feel like you did when you felt in love, and how to send love to the people around you, be it your children, wife, friends, pets everyone.

Love can do amazing things (and no I'm not talking about sex ;)).
I REALLY recommend you to read this book, it's free to download and read
The file is in .doc but you can convert it to .pdf with Open Office like I did.
The writer has several more books which I haven't read yet, and they are also free to download.

Please do yourselves a favor and read it to the last page.

Official site : http://www.livingonlove.com/
Download : http://lovebook2.tripod.com/

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