Sunday, June 24, 2007

Welcome to my place, my place - your place !

Today is my 24th birthday, and I've decided to try out blogging.
I really don't get those people who read other peoples blogs unless they have some good and useful information…but reading about other peoples lives? -- is that really interesting? I don’t know, not much interest for me there.
But I want to check it out (experience), I will write - you will read (and hopefully reply too).

So let's begin, shall we?

My name is Maxim (but you can call me Max ;), hell...there are even people who call me Jesus because they think I look like him, but there is no living human who seen Jesus to describe his looks so you can't really tell).
I live in Israel and almost everything interests me.

I don't like celebrating birthdays, too much phone calls to accept with the very same wishes that never come true.
Sometimes I feel that the person who calls me is obligated to do so and I don't want to push them back, I just let them spill their words and go on with it.

A wise person once said that you can have 10000 buddies in your life, but to have one friend is a privilege, I'm still waiting for that one friend.
You don't know for sure who is your friend and if he will be there in times of trouble.

I had dozens of buddies and still have many more, but none to call a "friend".
This is very sad in my opinion; 3 years in the army gave me nothing it terms of a real friend. Oh yeah, I met people there, I acquired many buddies but I left empty handed.

In my times in the army I served as an ambulance driver and I had a lot of free time to do what I want, I wrote about 100 songs in 3 years -- isn't bad I think, but then I returned home and didn't write a new song since (well maybe 2-3 new songs but it doesn't come close to 100 songs).
They’re mostly written in Hebrew but I have some in English and Russian too (yep, I speak 3 languages).

So that's it for today, goodbye and I hope that I will be here soon to spill more of my thoughts.


RichBarna said...

You didn't mention Linux Max, or that you look like Frank Zappa ;)

Maxim said...

Linux - I don't want to scare them away on my first post ;)

notreality said...

haha lol Rich, anyway, Max the blog is kinda empty, time to fill it up I guess. Will you use it to post your songs or everyday life issues?

Maxim said...

well, as I've posted most of my songs are in Hebrew so there is no point in writting them here.
day by day I will fill the blog, tell me what you want to know and I think about it ;)

Akali said...

Fair enough Max. But think of it as a begining. You could post your Hebrew songs and translate it. I am sure this would get more hits to you site in time.

Inorder for me to tell you what you want me to tell you, you first have to think about what you want to write.

Be creative, let the imagination fly through you... write what you think is best and which does have some meaning to someone.

useResa said...

I think your of to a good start and actually made a good point in your first post .... to have one real friend indeed is a privilege.

Continue writing about the things you encounter in everyday live (like the friends matter) and I think you'll be surprised how many people actually encounter the same things.

Maxim said...

Thanks, I will try ;)

Sparkle J said...

Hi Maxim,
I would like to get your phone number. I am in Virginia, USA.

It would be nice to trade you
email addresses. I'm just recently
back on line after 2yrs off the
whole routine. 10,000 airports.

I think you'd enjoy my camaraderie,
and I enjoy YOURS!

Sparkle J
how shall we?